Share publicly

Upload a video addressing the creators and consumers of your intimate images and share it on your Youtube/social media. 

Your testimony will be shared with people who have the power to make change, such as academics, lawmakers, the UK Law Commission and the White House Task Force to Address Online Harassment and Abuse.

You could think about 

  • Starting with an address that clarifies who you are speaking to, like ‘To the person who made fake porn of me’, ‘to my ex’ ‘hi to everyone who watched videos of me’…  
  • What are all the emotions you’ve experienced – rage, determination, frustration, fear?
  • What is your message to the creators and consumers right now? 
  • What consequences do you want them to face?
  • What do you want to change in the world (laws, tech architecture, culture)?
  • Finally, you could encourage other survivors to speak out.

We know that speaking out can be hard, scary, and sometimes unsafe. It’s really important to acknowledge that. But we also know that this is how we build community, call for change, support each other, and refuse to be silenced or defined by this abuse. Taking part publicly will not be right for everyone - so in deciding whether to get involved, please always put your safety and security first. Please feel free to reach out if you’d like support in making this decision.

Share Anonymously

If you would like to share your story but wish to remain anonymous, you can use our online platform to type out your story. From this, we will create a video using AI technology from our partner Synthesia. In this video, another person’s face and voice will speak out your story. You can choose who you want your ‘face veil’ to be from our options.

A message from Synthesia

Non-consensual porn is one of the most damaging forms of harassment. It can have a life-long impact on victims, most of whom are young women.

Let's be clear: creating or sharing non-consensual porn should be illegal. We wholeheartedly support calls for regulating bad intent use of any technology.

We partnered with My Image My Choice because we believe AI content should only be used for the good of society and to benefit people. By using AI avatars, survivors can share their experiences in a safe manner. We hope their stories will bring the change needed in our laws.

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