The Issue

#MyImageMyChoice is a cultural movement tackling intimate image abuse from the creators of the documentary ANOTHER BODY.

Intimate image abuse can have devastating, even life-threatening, impacts. But governments and tech platforms aren’t doing anything to address it. Intimate image abuse websites, based on violating consent, have become thriving online businesses. Companies like Google, Visa, Verizon are enabling and profiting off this abuse, and normalizing misogyny.

We are campaigning for governments and tech companies to #BlockMrDeepfakes and the 3000+ sites dedicated to online gendered abuse.

The Facts

Survivor stories

Virtual Summit on Deepfake Abuse hosted by #MyImageMyChoice, Bumble, The Reclaim Coalition, and the Joyful Heart Foundation

Join advocates, leaders, and lived experience experts on March 19th and 20th, 2024 at the first global Summit on Deepfake Abuse. The Summit will bring together key stakeholders and thought-leaders on deepfakes and the online platforms dedicated to intimate image abuse, aiming to turbocharge a global conversation.

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