#MyImageMyChoice is creating a cultural movement where everyone can speak out about their experiences of image-based sexual abuse, addressing creators and consumers with consequences of their actions.

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Our private, intimate images have been shared without our consent. We’ve been secretly filmed, threatened, deepfaked. We’ve been assaulted, and footage from this has been distributed. Our images have been requested, traded and purchased on forums, chat rooms, and pornsites. But we should all have a right to privacy and agency over images of our bodies. 

Intimate image abuse can have devastating, even life-threatening impacts. But most victims don’t receive support from governments, police, tech platforms or law. The only action they can take is to learn to move on. Meanwhile, websites specifically dedicated to intimate image abuse (like Anon IB or MrDeepfakes) are thriving. These sites need to be shut down.

There’s a huge disconnect between how (mostly male) perpetrators and (mostly female) victims perceive this content. While victims experience it as devastating, creators and consumers might not realize this is a big deal – thinking it’s just a laugh, it’s flirtatious. This creates the opportunity to start a conversation. How can we bridge that gap? 

In Autumn 2022, the White House is leading a Task Force to Address Online Harassment and Abuse. Now is the time to do this.

The Facts

What we can
do about it

We need to shut down websites dedicated to intimate image abuse. 

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Sites driving this culture are thriving. Trying to pursue each individual perpetrator won’t tackle this, but stopping these websites might. We ask that:

  • MrDeepfakes is shut down. 
  • AnonIB is shut down.
  • Sites dedicated to intimate image abuse are shut down.
  • Google and other search engines de-index these websites.
  • Internet providers block these websites.

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We need to bridge the perception gap between perpetrators and victims.

Help us achieve this by sharing your story, publicly or anonymously.  

This abuse aims to shame and silence, but survivors need to feel able to speak out about their experiences, because perpetrators need to know that their actions have consequences.

We need better survivor support. 

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Survivors need support getting images taken down, as well as support emotionally to rebuild their lives. We are calling for each country to create a statutory body with the power to enforce takedowns and the capacity to offer trauma-informed guidance.

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Who Are We

My Image My Choice is a coalition of intimate image abuse survivors and advocates from across the globe. We aim to amplify survivor voices, and ensure that law and policy solutions are grounded in lived-experience. Our collective includes a range of perspectives, converging around our calls for survivor support and dedicated intimate image abuse sites to be shut down. 

My Image My Choice is proud to partner with Synthesia, the world’s largest AI video generation platform, to safely bring anonymous stories to life with our AI avatars. Synthesia believes in the good that AI has to offer, all content uploaded to the site is consensual. The problem doesn’t lie with technology, but how we use it.

Our survivor testimonies have contributed to Whitepapers and reports by the World Economic Forum, Oxford Digital Ethics Lab, Equality Now, The UK Law Commission, Panorama Global and others, and featured across global press from BBC News to Now This, The Sunday Times, US Vogue. The campaign has been supported by politicians across political spectrums, NGOs, activist groups and many others. We would love for organizations to join our coalition, please reach out to myimagemychoice@gmail.com!

We need to shut down websites dedicated to intimate image abuse.

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